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All books are hardback, bound in publisher’s original cloth, published in London, with English descriptive notation, unless otherwise stated.

F Fine condition, almost as new.
VG Very good condition, just showing small signs of wear or use.
G Good or average condition, showing general signs of wear or use.
P Poor – Text complete, but having serious defects.
+ / - Indicates whether book falls into the upper or lower end of category.

Though subjective, every effort has been made to come to a reasonable assessment

d/w dust-wrapper (dust-jacket). This is always mentioned if present.
p/b paperback or modern flexi-cover binding.
Insc Inscription.
o/w otherwise.
n.d. no publication date, but if known it is given in brackets.
Ed. Edition.
Repr. Reprint.
Impr. impression.
pp. number of pages.
an algebraic notation. (Non-English language books assumed
to be in the notation of the country of publication).
LN Ref. no. in Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana, 1955 catalogue.

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  1. Antiquarian & pre-1910 titles
  2. Tournaments & Matches
  3. Game Collections (Individuals)
  4. Game Collections (General)
  5. Openings
  6. Instructional works inc. Middle- & Endgames
  7. Problems & Studies
  8. Encyclopaedias, History & Reference
  9. Yearbooks, Magazines etc.
  10. Literature & anthologies

Brace, E: An Illustrated Dictionary of Chess McKay 1977   320pp   DW   VG                                                               £9.00

Eales, R: Chess – The History of a Game Batsford 1st ed. 1985   240pp  DW  F                                                            £17.50

Fox & James: The Even More Complete Chess Addict Faber 1993   369pp PB AN VG+                                          £12.00

Fox & James: The Even More Complete Chess Addict Faber 1993   369pp PB AN  worn cover o/w G-         £8.00

Gaige, J: Chess Personalia – A Bibliliography McFarland 1st ed. 1987  505pp This is an indispensable resource for all interested in chess history in resplendent red cloth   F+                                                                                                                                                       £65.00

Gizycki, J. (Wood, B. H. ed.) A History of Chess Abbey 1972    375pp   DW       VG                                                           £9.00

Golombek, H: Chess – A History Puttnams 1976   256pp   bookplate   VG                                                                        £8.00

Hartston, W: The Kings of Chess Pavilion 1985   192pp   DW     VG+                                                                                 £11.50

Hooper & Whyld: Oxford Companion To Chess OUP 1st ed. 1984    407pp   DW  F                                                    £20.00

Hooper & Whyld: Oxford Companion To Chess OUP 1st ed. 1984    407pp   DW     Exlib o/w VG                       £10.00

Hooper & Whyld: Oxford Companion To Chess OUP 2nd ed. 1992  483pp DW  F                                                    £25.00

Levy & O’Connell: Oxford Encyclopaedia of Chess Games Vol. 1 (1485 – 1866) (4,000 gms) OUP     527pp  DW  AN                                                                                                                                                 F                               £25.00

Linde, A. van der: Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana – A Catalogue of the Chess Collection in the Royal Library The Hague.   1988 facsimile of 1955 work  limited to 750 copies   342pp   F                                                                              £30.00

Linde, A. van der: Das Erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur (850-1880). Caissa, USA,1979. Facsimile Reprint No. 125 of 500 US Limited edition. 116pp. F+. Includes most of the known chess publications until its publication in 1880,  arranged alphabetically by author.   Blue cloth covers. F+                                                                                                                                                                                  £30.00

Murray, H. J. R: A Short History Of Chess Oxford 1963  138pp  with additons by Goulding Brown and Golombek VG                      £22.00

Pritchard, D. B: Encyclopaedia of Chess Variants 1st ed. 1994 Luxury ed. Numbered 14 / 150 and signed by author.  F+           £30.00

Pritchard, D. B: Encyclopaedia of Chess Variants 1st ed. 1994 Luxury ed. Numbered 107 / 150 and signed by author.  F+           £30.00

Saidy & Lessing: The World of Chess Random House 1974  250pp   DW   VG+                                                                                                         £15.00

Sergeant, P. W: A Century of British Chess Hutchinson 1st ed. 1934  384pp  Publisher’s review copy sent to E. Nelson Davis. An invaluable resource. Insc. VG+ £50.00

Whyld, K: Chess – The Records Guinness           176pp           PB      VG         £8.00

Wood, B. H. (ed.) History of Chess Abbey Revised 1977       375pp       DW       VG+   £9.00

2. Yearbooks & Magazines.

“British Chess Magazine” Chess Annual 1915 (Ed. I. M. Brown) 213pp NL 5909 blue cloth boards a little faded in spots o/w VG £25.00

“British Chess Magazine” Chess Annual 1916 (Ed. I. M. Brown) 222pp NL 5909  red cloth boards  VG+      £25.00

British Chess Magazine 1926 764pp    rebound in maroon boards           VG+                                         £50.00

British Chess Magazine 1929 500pp   rebound in maroon boards.          VG+                                         £50.00

British Chess Magazine 1931 556pp   rebound in red boards                    VG+                                         £50.00

British Chess Magazine 1969 380pp   maroon cloth                                    VG+                                         £20.00

British Chess Magazine 1976 380pp   maroon cloth                                      F                                              £35.00

British Chess Magazine 1977 380pp   maroon cloth                                       F                                              £35.00

Chess (Ed. B. H. Wood) Vol. 39 (‘73-’74) brown cloth                               VG                                           £15.00

Chess (Ed. B. H. Wood) Vol. 49 (‘84-’85) brown cloth                               VG+                                         £15.00

Chess (Ed. B. H. Wood) Vol. 50 (‘85-’86) brown cloth                               VG                                           £15.00

B. C. F. Yearbooks: The pre-war years are small (c. 36pp) and contain lists of official and results of BCF events.

Not often seen.         1921     1923     1925     1928     1929     1931     1934     1937        all VG                      £10 each or £50 the lot

In the early 1930s an ECCU Combined Year Book was published which had the characteristics adopted by the BCF Yearbooks from 1938 onwards   i.e. c. 300pp    PB containing much information on county officials, BCF events etc.

ECCU Yearbooks  1934-35;  1935 – 36;  £12 each

BCF Yearbooks:

1946 – 47; 1947 – 48; 1948 – 49; 1950 – 51; 1953 – 54; 1954 – 55; 1955 – 56; 1956 – 57;  1957 – 58; 1958 – 59; 1959 – 60                                                                                           All G+  £10.00 each.

1960 – 61;   1961 – 62;   1962 – 63;   1963 – 64;   1964 – 65;   1965 – 66;   1967 – 68;   1968 – 69; 1969 -70                                                                                                                       All VG  £8.00 each.

1970 – 71; 1971 – 72; 1972 – 73; 1973 – 74; 1974 – 75;                            All VG  £6.00 each.

From 1976 the Yearbook went to an A4 format, mostly with glossy covers and increasingly high production standards as years progress.

1977-78; 1997; 1998; 2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2005; 2006; 2007;   All VG+                        £5 each.

Year-Book of Chess 1909 (Ed. E. A. Mitchell) 314pp LN 5906 spine renewed retaining original maroon cloth o/w VG

Insc “W. R. Thomas”, father of A. R. B. Thomas.                                                                                             £20.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1912 (Ed. E. A. Mitchell) 321pp LN 5906  maroon cloth spotted and dulled o/w VG

Insc “W. R. Thomas”, father of A. R. B. Thomas.                                                              £20.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1913 (Ed. E. A. Mitchell) Hollings 1914    290pp   LN 5906  VG

Insc. “AT” from the library of A. R. B. Thomas                                                                       £15.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1914 (Ed. M. W. Stevens) Hollings 1915   314pp   LN 5906  VG-

Insc “W. R. Thomas”, father of A. R. B. Thomas.                                                                   £20.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1914 (Ed. M. W. Stevens) Hollings 1915    324pp    LN 5906  VG            £15.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1915 & 16 (Ed. Watts & Foster) Hollings 1917  315pp   LN 5906 maroon cloth

a little spotted and spine dulled o/w VG   Insc “A/T”,  from the library of A. R. B. Thomas.                             £15.00.

Year-Book of Chess 1915 & 16 (Ed. Watts & Foster) Hollings 1917  315pp   LN 5906

Insc “JEJ”,  from the library of J. E. Jones                                                                                           £15.00.

Chess: (Ed. B. H. Wood)

All bound volumes in the usual brown cloth, VG with index

Vol. 39 (1973/4) £12.00.                        Vol. 49 (1984/5) £10.00                        Vol. 50 (1985/6) £10